June 7, 2023
Omar Sy as Assane Diop and (Photo: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix)

TV REVIEW: ‘Lupin’ and Likeability – How to Take Advantage of First Impressions

We’re trained by TV and film to scrutinize opening scenes. They’re supposed to tell us everything, set up the tone, the pace, the dominos. It’s ...
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TV REVIEW: You Should Take ‘Bridgerton’ Seriously

Like 63 million other households, I recently binged Bridgerton, the first Shonda Rhimes-produced Netflix original. Adapted from Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels, the Regency-era period drama ...
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TV REVIEW: ‘Truth Seekers’ Provides Lessons in Setups and Payoffs

Lockdown stretches on around the world (except for New Zealand, those lucky responsible bastards). It’s a potent mix of dull and traumatic as we wait ...
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TV Review: ‘Deaf U’ Is A Wild and Revealing Look At Deaf Culture

(This review, written by our critic Steven Prusakowski and was previously published on our sister site, AwardsRadar. Be sure to check them out for film, TV, and ...
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TV REVIEW: Hulu’s ‘PEN15’ is a Reminder that “You Never Really Leave 13”

My recollections of seventh grade are foggy and buried in the back of my mind with the other mildly traumatic memories. But the feelings of ...
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What is Devs? (Spoiler Free Review)

First thing first, Alex Garland. Does that name mean anything to you? If you’ve read or seen seen “The Beach” or “28 Days Later” or ...
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