May 28, 2023

FNAF’s Christian Stokes, Talks ‘Mandalorian’ & ‘D&D: Honor Among Thieves’

This week The ‘Verse! gets it’s very first guest host! Actor, stuntman, Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, and cast member of the upcoming Five Nights At Freddy’s film, Christian Stokes, joins us as an honorary squad member to discuss Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Was this star-studded film a natural 20 or a critical fail? Tune in to hear our takes!

Next we catch up on season 3 of Disney+’s The Mandalorian. There’s a lot to cover from the jetpack combat to the somewhat divisive cameos. Is this season working for you? Let us know. In addition to collecting listener questions and comments, we also post news and announcements about the pod so give us a follow to stay up to date @TheVerseCast

If you stick around after the credits…you might catch us wheelin’ and heelyin’…

SHOW BREAKDOWN: 0:00 – Intro // 2:35 – Guest Host, FNAF’s Christian Stokes // 8:08 – DUNGEON’S & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES review // 62:30 THE MANDALORIAN (episodes 4, 5, 6) //93:40 – Contact Info // 96:25 – The Fate of The… Heelies??

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