March 29, 2023

TV Review: “Kidding” (Jim Carrey)

Showtime describes “Kidding” as the story of Jeff, a famous children’s television icon, who is struggling to retain his sanity while his family is falling apart.
That sounds actually like a good premise to a show, right?
Well, leave it to Hollywood to find a way to completely fuck that up. Because what we ended up with is an ugly mess.
I sat through two episodes of this show, trying to give it a chance to show some redeeming quality, but I cannot take any more of the insipid dreck, it’s not funny.
Jim Carrey’s performance is schizophrenic at best; one moment it’s spot on good, and next it’s ridiculously over the top goofy. There is zero logic to the relationships, not just on how their relationships have reached this crossroad, but how the fuck they even started to begin with. Watching the show, all you can think is, “There is no way in hell THIS guy was ever married to THAT girl, and had THAT kid. Normally Carrey’s overacting works in whatever role he has taken, but it makes zero sense here, where they replace simple verisimilitude with cartoonish antics. A story requires some truth for us to hold onto, and what we have here are people who are so opposed, you would never see them in the same room, much less in a relationship.
That’s it. I hated this show. It rides the coattails of Mister Rogers, but shows its thanks by taking a nasty crap on him.
The cast is fantastic! But, they cannot save this show from its horrible premise and bad writing. It is simply an irretrievably stupid show.

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