March 29, 2023

The ‘Verse! Podcast #11 – Star Wars: A New Hope – Blindspot, ‘WandaVision’ Finale, & Robotic Mayhem

It’s that time of the week to step into The ‘Verse! – the podcast where we visit different corners of the cinematic universes from Marvel, Star Wars, DC, and beyond!

This week we dive into the season finale of WandaVision, share the ‘Verse Squad’s thoughts on the new Eternals trailer, expose the first of many Star Wars blindspots for Emilia (maybe there is hope for our padawan after all… maybe), and introduce our intelligent new “friend” Kronsworth (he made us write that – send help!).WandaVision’s season finale hit

The Squad right in the feels this week because it’s Marvel and they can never let us have a happy ending…unless of course you mentally kidnap an entire town to star in a warped reality sitcom. 10/10 do not recommend that *cough cough* Wanda. Anyhow, this revolutionary news series came to a satisfactory end, except for the Bohner. But, as usual in the MCU, has us waiting on the edge of our seats for more! It looks like The ‘Verse Squad will be exploring more of space and the multiverse soon. First, we need to see if Loki royally messed up the MCU timeline when he stole the tesseract back in 2012. Stay tuned for our Loki coverage in just two short weeks!

In this episode, we not only shared our most tearful moments from WandaVision, but we thrust Emilia into the spotlight by exposing her first of many blindspots within the Star Wars universe. Yes, that is correct, Emilia has never seen any of the Star Wars movies, except the one time she was borderline kidnapped by friends and forced to watch A New Hope. Well, the Squad didn’t kidnap her this time, but we did force her to watch A New Hope again. Don’t worry, we used the force to force her into revealing this blindspot so which is definitely allowed right?

Besides blindspots, we have some exciting content coming your way ‘Verselings in the next couple of weeks. Coming to The ‘Verse! will be a weekly breakdown of Loki coming to Disney+, sharing our interview with Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.’s executive producer Jordan Blum (go watch Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. on Hulu NOW) as well as our interview with showrunner Simon Racioppa from Amazon’s Invincible (again, go watch Invincible NOW).

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