May 28, 2023

‘Snyder Cut’ Will Be One Long Movie, Not Miniseries

Zack Snyder went to the social media platform Vero to provide update on the editing of his director’s cut of Justice League. One user asked the director if the film is still scheduled to be a four hour four-part mini series as Warner Bros. previously announced, or if it was going to be “a one shot watch of a movie,” to which Snyder responded simply “One shot.”

More than likely, once Snyder got into the editing room, it didn’t make sense from a storytelling and a structure point of view to break it up. Each individual episode of a miniseries still needs to follow a specific structure to tell the story, which was not how the original Justice league script was written.

For those still looking for a four-part series, you’re welcome to press pause anytime while you’re watching it.

Zack Snyder’ director’s cut of Justice League is expected to premiere on HBO Max in March.

Source: Coming Soon

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