March 29, 2023

SNL’s ‘Joker’ Parody ‘Grouch’ Is Pure Gold

The third episode of SNL’s 45th season had host David Harbour (Stranger Things, Hellboy, Black Widow) in a pretty spot-on Sesame Street-themed parody of Todd Phillips’ Joker, with Harbour playing the titular role of everybody’s favorite curmudgeon Muppet, Oscar the Grouch. The attention to detail is pretty remarkable, and the characterizations of the other Sesame Street Muppets are pretty damn funny, including Kenan Thompson’s pimp Snuffleupagus and Beck Bennett’s junky Count. This is probably one of SNL’s best parody’s in its nearly fifty years on the air.

Stranger Things fans may also appreciate Harbour’s opening  monologue, in which he finds himself in the Upside Down at 30 Rock.

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