March 31, 2023

The Verse’! Episode 26: ‘GoT Beef?’ We Air Our Longstanding ‘Game of Thrones’ Grievances… And More

Get your water ready because this episode is a salty one. The ‘Verse Squad!, all devoted fans of George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series, digs into the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones. We cover the good, the bad, and the rushed. It’s never too late to talk about that season finale. You know the one.

We also cover the next installment of Marvel’s What If…? series which asks what if Thor grew up as an only child? Could this beautiful meathead become even more of a party boy? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Stick around to the end to get an inside look into our resident robot Kronsworth’s idea of hospitality… and maybe an attempt at acapella.

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