October 17, 2021

Film Review: “Pet Cemetery”

Pet Sematary 2019 is a whole heaping pile of meh.
I was excited when I heard of the remake. But, from the first trailer I lost all hope. I wanted it to be good, but suspected it would be another run-of-the-mill remake with a horrible plot twist that I am sure they thought was super clever during their first writing of it. However, it was not.

So, after watching it this last weekend, and I really mulled it over before writing this review, and I know now how I feel about it, and it is this: the filmmakers ripped the horror, the humanity and the tragedy right of the original story, all to make a heartless, bleak, apocalyptically pointless film designed to be a quick cash grab.

Despite this, the cast were fantastic. Great performances all around. At least the actors did their jobs, while the filmmakers did not.

So, good performances, but crappy writing and direction.

Pet Sematary only gets just 5 out of 10 Potatoes, but a whole lot of meh.

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