May 30, 2024

Your MCU Must-Watchlist Before ‘WandaVision’

Believe it or not, the season finale of WandaVision is THIS FRIDAY! With only four days left until we know the whole truth about Westview, NJ, there may be a few important Marvel movies to revisit before the clock strikes midnight on Thursday.

NOTE: There are absolutely no spoilers here, so if you haven’t watched WandaVision yet, this may be the best place to start!

Besides rewatching episodes 1-8, which is a completely manageable feat before Friday, you may also consider throwing these 5 movies into your weekly watchlist.

  1. Avengers: Age of Ultron– Without giving anything away, if you haven’t seen the Avengers sequel in a while, this is an absolute MUSTWATCH before WandaVision. Age of Ultron introduces us to not only Wanda & Pietro Maximoff but also Vision himself. This is where Wanda and Vision’s story begins in the MCU so DO NOT skip!
  2. Captain America: Civil War– Following the Wanda and Vision introduction, Civil War gives fans a deeper look into the formation of the duo’s relationship before they were official. Although their scenes together were short, they were undoubtedly sweet. This Avengers ensemble film also expands upon both Vision and Wanda’s individual powers which will definitely be important to know before watching WandaVision.
  3. Avengers: Infinity War-Before you ask, yes this is an ABSOLUTE must-watch. For those of you who have already seen, wept, and grieved over Infinity War, it’s time to refresh those emotions before stepping into Westview. Even though you already know the outcome of the film, watching Wanda andVision’s scenes together gives you a greater appreciation and understanding of the couple that no other film gives (That is untilWandaVision). You may not like this now, but grab a box of tissues,a comfort blanket, and press play on Infinity War.
  4. Avengers: End Game-After you salvage your broken self from Infinity War, you might as well hop right into End Game. Even thoughthe richness of Wanda and Vision’s relationship is not as prominently on display here, the events of End Game lead directly into that of WandaVision. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch that epic battle scene again?
  5. Captain Marvel-If you are dead set on watching things in order, then you can place this between Infinity War and End Game or if you’re a stickler for chronological order, you can send this film back to before Age of Ultron. As mentioned prior, there are no spoilers here so please just trust our advice and watch Captain Marvel. Please just do it. 

Basically, after watching this list, you could start WandaVision without ever seeing most other Marvel films. Do we recommend that?

 Absolutely not. But if you’re anxious to start the show, then here is the best place to begin.

On the other hand, if you are a huge MCU fan, have seen every Avengers film, and are up-to-date (or not) with WandaVision, then you may want to pursue these next few titles before starting the series or at least before the season finale. 

  1. Doctor Strange-It is well known that WandaVision will lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and many are convinced our former neurosurgeon will be making an appearance in Westview. A couple of extra hours with Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t sound too bad, does it?
  2. X-Men-There has been much talk about a HUGE character cameo on WandaVision, and many fans are theorizing that it could be someone from the X-Men. In case this happens, you may want to brush up on your X-Men history and so you might as well start at the beginning. 
  3. X-2-This sequel is not 100% necessary, but again, it’s super entertaining, action-packed, and dives deeper into the X-Men themselves. Plus more Hugh Jackman so… 
  4. Thor/Thor: The Dark World-Not only do we get the introduction of Darcy, but there is also a fan theory spreading on social media that WandaVision’s big cameo could be Jane Foster aka Natalie Portman. Plus Loki is just a few months away and we all could use a little mischief.
  5. X-Men: First Class AND Days of Future Past-Yes these are X-Men prequels but DO NOT sleep on them. No matter what, you HAVE to watch Days of Future Past before starting WandaVision. Don’t ask. First Class chronologically comes first, so you might as well make it a double feature to get the FULL experience. But seriously, watch Days of Future Past

At this point, if you’ve recently seen all of the above-mentioned films plus are up-to-date on WandaVision, then the next 4 days are going to feel like torture. But don’t worry, at Screen Radar we’re all just as invested in the Westview anomaly as you are, which is why you need to put our upcoming podcast on your radar. Stay tuned for The Verse where we will be unraveling the cinematic universes one episode at a time! 

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