March 21, 2023

Tensions Rise About ‘Eternals’, Plus ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’, & Disney+ Day

In this week’s episode we dive into multiple universes, kicking off with a very polarizing review of Marvel’s Eternals. One of Marvel’s most ambitious movies clocking in at nearly three hours, ten ensemble characters, and special effects up to our eyeballs. Did you love it? Hate it? Think it was just ok? Tune in for our takes!

We follow that up with a deep dive into Paramount+’s new Star Trek: Prodigy series. Fear not Trekkies, we have not forgotten about you. Our resident “Treksperts” discuss how newcomers might break into this cinematic universe cornerstone.

In our news section, we cover nearly everything announced on Disney+ Day. We’ve got Marvel, Star Trek, Disney classics old and new, and… Cheaper by the Dozen? Not surprisingly, we have strong feelings about it all.

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