March 31, 2023

National Treasure: Edge of History – Teaser Trailer

National Treasure: Edge of History

Disney released a brief teaser for their upcoming Disney+ series, National Treasure: Edge of History, the follow up to the the National Treasure film series staring Nicholas Cage, at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

Lisette Alexis plays Jess Morales, a clever young treasure hunter who embarks on the journey of a lifetime to learn more about her own family’s enigmatic past and retrieve a lost Pan-American treasure.  Harvey Keitel and Justin Bartha will both reprise their roles as Riley Poole and Peter Sadusky from the first films, respectively. Joining them will be Catherine Zeta-Jones, Zuri Reed, Jordan Rodrigues, Antonio Cipriano, Jake Austin Walker, Lyndon Smith, and Justin Bartha.


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