June 15, 2024

Green Lantern Reboot is coming in 2020

Warner Brothers and D.C. are reportedly preparing for a reboot of Green Lantern.  Although little is known about the project, it certainly should be better than the effort they made a few years ago in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds playing the title role.  The new film will cement itself in the D.C. Cinematic Universe and by the time 2020 roles around they will have established a great deal in those regards.  No casting decisions have been made as yet, although rumors have been circulating that they are looking at Chris Pine for the lead.  There has also been some talk about the possibility of more than one Green Lantern seeing how there have been three different characters that have donned the ring of power.

It is obvious that D.C. and WB are hungry to keep up with their foes over at Marvel and Disney but alas they have a long uphill battle ahead of them.  Needless to say we will have more on this as news comes out and we will have to wait to see what they actually decide when Green Lantern hits theaters in June of 2020.

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