June 18, 2024

Paramount Wants You on Your Phones at the Theater

As part of a promotion for Terminator: Genisys, Paramount Pictures has teamed up with Audience Entertainment and Skydance to create a rather unique film going experience. At selected AMC IMAX theaters (AMC Lincoln Square IMAX 13 in New York, AMC Universal CityWalk 19 with IMAX in Los Angeles, AMC Metreon IMAX 16 in San Francisco, AMC Boston Commons IMAX 19 in Boston, and AMC Northpark IMAX 15 in Dallas), theater goers will be welcome to participate in an in-theater online multi-player Terminator:Genysis game. Using their smart phone, or any Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device, players are randomly assigned to one of four teams (red, blue, purple and gold) to fight waves of Terminators in three different settings from the movie. The winning team at each showing at the participating theaters will receive a limited edition collectible Terminator:Genisys poster.

Multi Media promotion isn’t new, but this is a very specifically targeted demographic, so it will interesting to see how successful it is.

The full press release is below:

Audience Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Skydance today announced the first-ever in-theater interactive video game as an exciting prelude to the highly anticipated theatrical release of Terminator: Genisys at select AMC IMAX® locations nationwide. Audience members join the Resistance in the Terminator Future War, collaboratively defeating waves of Terminators using their mobile phones.

The game will debut with the film’s nationwide release on July 1st and will be playable at AMC IMAX theaters in New York (AMC Lincoln Square IMAX 13), Los Angeles (AMC Universal CityWalk 19 with IMAX), San Francisco (AMC Metreon IMAX 16), Boston (AMC Boston Commons IMAX 19) and Dallas (AMC Northpark IMAX 15). The game is being presented by AMC and IMAX and was designed by Audience Entertainment and Paramount Pictures based on the just-released Terminator Genisys: Revolution game produced by Glu Mobile, available for iOS and Android.

Audience members can participate in the game using any Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device. Prior to the game, the audience will be invited to join a closed and secure Wi-Fi network (doing so requires no download or sign-in of any kind). From there, players will be randomly assigned to one of four teams (red, blue, purple and gold) to fight waves of Terminators in three different settings from the movie. The winning team at each showing at the participating theaters will receive a limited edition collectible “Terminator Genisys” poster through Friday, July 3 or while supplies last.

“This is a true breakthrough for the movie industry,” explained Adam Cassels, CMO of Audience Entertainment. “Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, and merging that with the movies in a way that’s interactive, fun and truly memorable is a very exciting proposition for an industry seeking to innovate. This breakthrough may be equally exciting for the video game industry. The movies offer the very best in screen and sound while providing audiences with a first of its kind, collective, in-person gaming experience.”

“For the first time ever, moviegoers can engage with each other in an interactive, digital setting from their own theater seats,” said Megan Wahtera, Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures. “This unique opportunity is a great way to bring rich online
experiences to the big screen to celebrate the release of Terminator Genisys.”

“IMAX is constantly looking to innovate in all areas of business, and this highly interactive initiative is an ideal experience for IMAX fans,” said IMAX Chief Marketing Officer Eileen Campbell. “We believe Terminator Genisys will be an action-packed addition to summer movie-going in IMAX and we are thrilled to partner with AMC, Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Audience Entertainment in this way.”

“AMC is thrilled to offer IMAX fans an innovative, interactive experience that will make them part of the Resistance,” said Rob Kim, Vice President of Programming Promotions, AMC Theatres. “We anticipate tickets will sell out quickly.”

The pioneer of big screen interactive technology, Audience Entertainment, has implemented its patented iD (interactive dimension) technology, which reads and reacts to audience movement, in movie theaters, arenas, stadiums and concert venues in eight countries and on four continents. By engaging the audience in a manner that’s truly interactive, Audience Entertainment is creating new and exciting opportunities in advertising, alternative content, movie trailers, movies, gaming and more.

“Terminator Genisys” opens in theaters and IMAX 3D on July 1st, 2015. Fans can experience the film beginning at 7:00 p.m. on June 30th. Tickets are on sale now. To reserve tickets in IMAX 3D, please visit www.IMAX.com/Terminator

Paramount Pictures and Skydance present “Terminator Genisys.” When John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. Now, Sgt. Reese finds himself in a new and unfamiliar version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely allies, including the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger), dangerous new enemies, and an unexpected new mission: to reset the future. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J. K. Simmons, Dayo Okeniyi, Matthew Smith, Courtney B. Vance and Byung-Hun Lee.

Produced by David Ellison and Dana Goldberg. Written by Laeta Kalogridis & Patrick Lussier. Directed by Alan Taylor.

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