May 28, 2023

First Look at William Shatner/Christopher Lloyd Comedy, ‘Senior Moment’

The first clip from the upcoming comedy Senior Moment starring William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd has been released. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film focuses on “Victor Martin (Shatner), a retired NASA test pilot often seen speeding around Palm Springs in his vintage Porsche convertible with his best friend Sal (Lloyd) in tow. However, his life changes when his license is revoked for drag racing and his car impounded. Forced to take public transportation for the first time, he meets his polar opposite in Caroline (Jean Smart) and learns to navigate love and life again as he goes up against the state’s new District Attorney to get back his license and car.”

Shatner was on set filming Senior Moment when we spoke with him back in 2017. The film, directed by Giorgio Serafini and written by Kurt Brungardt and Christopher Momenee, will be released in theaters and on demand this month.

You can see a clip of Senior Moment below:


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