June 22, 2024

Al Pacino/Anthony Hopkins Movie Makes Only $141 at Box Office

Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins are two of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. So one would think a film starring the two of them is guaranteed to at least make a little amount of money. As it turns out, that’s not the case. Misconduct, a legal thriller about a lawyer targeting a pharmaceutical company, also stars Josh Dummel and Julia Stiles, and on paper, it sounds like it has enough promise. But pretty horrendous reviews (it’s being called “the worst film Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino have ever made”) led to the film only pulling in a whopping $141 in it’s opening weekend in the UK. Granted, it was only shown at only five Reel Cinemas theaters in Britain, but that still only averages less than $30 per theater, which is only three or four theater goers at each of the five cinemas over the course of the entire weekend. Reel Cinemas has since pulled the film.

The film has done marginally better elsewhere. Back in February, it made a total $24,000 in the US, and managed to rake in $900,00 in South Korea. But as the budget was $11 million (not much by most budget standards), it will likely end it’s theatrical run as a huge loss. It has another few countries in Europe in which to open, but it’s doubtful it will bring in enough to break even, let alone profit. Josh Dummel will be returning to the Transformers franchise, and Anthony Hopkins is set to return as Odin in Thor: Ragnorak, so their box office pull will bounce back, but Pacino has not had a hit movie in quite some time, so the writing could be on the wall for the beloved actor.


Source: Variety

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