June 22, 2024

“Wolverine 3” Set Pics and Possible Title

Set pictures from the upcoming third Wolverine have surfaced (thanks to Just Jarred). and they lend credibility to the rumor that it will be an adaption of  the series “Old Man Logan.”  In the classic comic story,  the world’s supervillains band together to finally destroy all superheroes, leaving only few left, including Wolverine (in all likelihood, it would be a loose adaption, as the studio probably isn’t keen on killing off most, if not all, of the X-Men). The pictures show an older Logan (Hugh Jackman) with an aging Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

While the pictures lend credibility to the “Old Man Logan” adaption rumor, X-MenFilms.com is reporting that the studio recently registered the domain WolverineWeaponX.com (though as of this posting, it is not an active link). It doesn’t necessarily mean that will be title of the film, though it’s definitely possible. The move away from an  “Old Man Logan” might indicate how loose of an adaption it would be.

The third and final film in the Wolverine series is scheduled for a March 03, 2017 release.


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