June 22, 2024

Watch Pentatonix Rape Star Wars at the AMAs

We  can all agree that most members of a capella groups are dripping bags of douche. It’s tough to say if mimes or a capella groups are worse. They’re both pretentious attention whores, but at least mimes  have the decency to shut the hell up. Well, last night’s American Music Awards did their best the demonstrate that mimes are the better of the two by bringing out the group Pentatonix to perform the greatest film scores in the history of motion pictures with their stupid mouths. In a tribute to Star Wars and the legendary John Williams, Harrison Ford came out to awkwardly introduce the a capella group’s performance with a full orchestra (incidentally, while the group started off singing sans music, they were joined by a full orchestra, which kind of negates the whole a capella thing). Well, enjoy!



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