June 15, 2024

Warner Bros. Confirms Solo Affleck Batman Film


At the CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Warner Bros.CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed that the studio will be producing a stand alone Batman film, with Ben Affleck set to  direct and star. Affleck had this to say after the announcement:

“It’s been tremendously exciting for us to be a part of the DC Universe, and we’re looking forward to working on Justice League.”

We reported a little while back that this was a possibility. We also reported that Affleck had written a script for a solo Bat-flick.  And before anyone starts internet hating (too late, I’m sure), as we pointed out before, it should be noted that Affleck brought home an Oscar for his co-writing duties on Good Will Hunting, and has won numerous awards for his directing, including a BAFTA, a Director’s Guild Award and a Golden Globe, not to mention his producing Oscar for Argo, which he also directed. Not to mention, his portrayal of Batman has been praised as one of the best on screen incarnations, and he highlight of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So overall, the next Batman film looks like it’s in good hands.


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