June 20, 2024

The ‘Verse!: ‘Dune’ REVIEW… How you ‘Dune’ (Doin’)??

We waited for the day when Dune would arrive for what seems like an eternity. Old and new fans alike ran to theaters or their living room couch so Denis Villeneuve could beam them to Arrakis. The ‘Verse! Squad consists of two new Dune fans, Emilia and Bridget and two seasoned fans, Lucas and Norm. While they all sat down to watch, only three made it to the ship to discuss.

Listen is to hear three different perspectives on the film, from a complete newb, a casual fan and a diehard Dune-head. It is an insightful conversation the covers some of the changes, favorite moments, and what we can expect going forward. Plus, for Halloween, we closed out with our favorite Halloween costumes in a 60 Minutes inspired post credit scene. Enjoy!

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