March 31, 2023

Meet ‘Peacemaker’ + more ‘Boba Fett’ talk, and Lucas Needs a Break – The ‘Verse!

The Squad! continues their fearless trek across cinematic universe near and far with a discussion of The Book of Boba Fett Episode 4 and the first four episodes of HBOMax’s Peacemaker. We have a lot of love for one series, and a lot of…something else for the other. Tune in to hear more!

We also cover all the cinematic universe updates you need to know in our news section. As an added bonus we’ve added an extra helping of salt at Norm for mercilessly murdering one of our own…

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If you stick around after the credits you learn the whereabouts of our missing squad member… Lucas! (we’re referring to Lucas – not anyone else.)

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