June 15, 2024

Tarantino Is Pissed at Disney!

The virtuoso Director just recently was on the Howard Stern show talking about his new movie The Hateful Eight and he is none to pleased with Disney.  The release of the new Star Wars movie is mucking up the works for the limited release of his new film.  He has been very adamant about how you should see his film.  It will be released next week but only in theaters equipped to screen it in 70mm.  Apparently the film was supposed to screen at L.A.’s famous Cinerama Dome next week, as it is one of the few theaters in the country that is equipped to show 70mm, but the theater has extended the run of the new Star Wars film instead of showing The Hateful Eight.  On Stern’s show he had this to say:

it was real bad news and it pissed me off.  They are going out of their way to fuck me.

Tarantino has always been one to speak his mind.  He has a history with the theater and has been very outspoken regarding his dislike of Disney.  One can certainly sympathize with his frustration in regard to the situation seeing that not many theaters are equipped with 70mm projectors.  Then again he did schedule his release of the movie just a few days after The Force Awakens.

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