June 22, 2024

“Star Trek’s” Anton Yelchin Killed in Freak Car Accident

Anton Yelchin, best known for portraying Chevov in the updated Star Trek film franchise, was tragically killed in a freak car accident last night.  The 27 year old actor received notoriety from his role as Hank Azaria’s son in the critically acclaimed Showtime series Huff, before moving on to notable roles in films in Alpha Male,  Charlie Bartlett, and Terminator Salvation, and was most recently seen in the well reviewed Green RoomThe newest Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond, opens July 22nd, and Yelchin’s final film, the psychological thriller Thoroughbred, just wrapped production a couple of weeks ago.

Yelchin was apparently killed when was pinned between his own car and a brick post at the end of his driveway. It appears the car, which had been in neutral, began to roll down the actor’s pitched driveway, and the actor was attempting to stop it.

In a statement, his publicist Jennifer Allen said “Actor Anton Yelchin was killed in a fatal traffic collision early this morning. His family requests you respect their privacy at this time.”

Source: Deadline

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that a recall on Yelchin’s Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo  had not been taken care of, which may have been the cause of his death.  The recall pertained to the SUV’s PARK position, stating “Drivers may inadvertently fail to achieve the PARK position before exiting.”



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