May 28, 2023

Ryan Reynolds to Star In and Produce ‘Dragon’s Lair’ Film for Netflix

Ryan Reynolds will be producing and starring in an adaptation of the popular 80s video game Dragon’s Lair for Netflix. Dragon’s Lair was a revolutionary breakthrough in gaming, in that users controlled hand drawn animated segments (directed by legendary animation director Don Bluth) played from a laserdisc, and your precise movements would determine if the hero, Dirk the Daring, would proceed to the next segment, or perish. If you reacted just at the right movement, it would play out like a fluid animated film. The problem was that in addition to being revolutionary, it was also known as being one of the hardest video games ever made. That didn’t stop people from popping in their quarters to try,  or large crowds of people from watching (if you’re not familiar with the game, you can watch the entire gameplay below). The game spawned many sequels, as well as a short lived saturday morning cartoon (with far inferior animation).

The film will be also be produced by Roy Lee (It Chapter Two) and  Trevor Engelson (Snowfall). Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Jon Pomeroy are also producing. This will be Reynolds’ third outing with Netflix, following 6 Underground and the upcoming Red Notice with Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson. Reynolds has also been attached to a CLUE remake for sometime, meaning he is systematically taking over our childhoods. Now if we could only get a Space Ace film.

Source: THR

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