March 30, 2023

Our favorite “Mandalorian” Theme Covers

One of the elements that has contributed to the success of Disney+’s The Mandalorian has been Ludwig Göransson‘s incredible score. There are elements of Ennio Morricone  combined with a hint of aboriginal music and dash of Max Steiner.  Despite only streaming for about a month and a half, many people have already started recording covers of The Madentoloran’s theme song. We chose a few that we liked to share:


First up is our favorite cover, which is performed by DSC. This YouTuber primarily focuses on video game soundtracks, but he crushes this theme.


Next up is the group YSSY, who give the theme an 80’s synthwave treatment.


DJ A-JUICE Power Source Pro. gives the the theme a hip hop beat, and it really makes us want some rap lyrics to accompany it.


Beyond the Guitar’s acoustic cover further emulates the spaghetti western feel of the series.


331 Erock’s cover makes it seem like the theme was meant to be performed as a metal song.


There’s something very “Legend of Zelda” about MxLaelia’s flute cover.

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