June 20, 2024

No, There Will Be No ‘Bill & Ted 4’

Despite rumors of the contrary, there will be no fourth installment of the Bill & Ted franchise. In a Tweet, co-writer/creator Ed Solomon addressed the expectedly bogus report from the click bait rumor mongering We Got This Covered (no, we won’t give them the dignity of linking their article) that their “sources” confirmed hat here Bill & Ted 4 was in development. He Tweeted “This article reminds me of a dream I had 2 nights ago that for some reason I’d enrolled in 5 classes at NYU & had no idea what they were but it was now finals week. I’m excited to see A & K on the set of what I’m just hearing about for the 1st time now….(By the way – this film is *not* happening, sorry.)”

That’s just as so, as Bill & Ted Face the Music was he perfect ending to the franchise. You can read our review here. 



Source: Screen Rant

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