June 18, 2024

Jennifer Lawrence is a B*tch

Everyone one loves J-Law. She is America’s friggin’ sweetheart. Girls want to be her. Guys want to be in her. She’s just the best. But we finally got to see a bit of her true colors after the Golden Globes, when she berated a reporter for being on his phone as he was asking her a question. “Bravo!” the internet cheered. “You sure put him in his place.” The reporter quickly apologized, and she then decided to kick him when he’s down and correct him, in the most condescending tone she could drum up, while he was in mid question. “Again, bravo!” the internet cheered. “You sure made him feel stupid for saying the wrong word.”

Well, as it turns out, the reporter was not from our land, and English was not his native language, so he was using his phone to translate his question. Look, we’ve been on the Jennifer Lawrence bandwagon too, but it seems that her quirky persona may just be covering a simmering cauldron of bitch sauce that has yet to be fully unleashed on the world.

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