June 22, 2024

James Gunn Has A New Horror Movie And Is Reteaming With Guardian’s Michael Rooker

No need to worry Guardians 2 is still on track, but before that hits theaters James Gunn has a new horror flick he has been cooking up.  Gunn penned the script to his new horror flick, The Belko Experiment which will see him as a producer and will star long time friend Michael Rooker.  The two have teamed up before on several projects so it is no surprise Rooker is on board.  Gunn is no stranger to horror and gore having gotten his start with Troma writing the epic Tromeo and Juliet as well as Slither.  Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek) will serve as the Film’s Director.


Gunn took to social media to make the announcement, posting a pic of himself and Rooker with this status update:

We’ve done three movies, two reality shows, a video game and a web series together, been on a bromantic trip to Paris with just the two of us, and spent many nights as the last two maniacs at a party, so did you ever think there was any possibility that my pal Michael Rooker would not be cast in our horror/action/thriller The Belko Experiment, especially when it’s been comprised of such overwhelming talent? Of course not.

The movie sees several American expatriates who live San Palo, Brazil and work for the Belko Corporation.  At some point they become trapped within the walls of one of the corporations places of employment and a voice on the intercom demands that they start killing each other or they themselves will be slaughtered.  Sounds like a fun ride and with Rooker on board I’m in!

Uhm, yes we will take this thank you gentlemen!!!



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