May 30, 2024

‘I Love Lucy’ Fans Apprehensive of Aaron Sorkin’s Casting of ‘Being the Ricardos’

On Monday, it was reported that Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are in negotiations to play Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming film Being the Ricardos. 

The Amazon Studios movie will take place during a production week of the iconic television sitcom I Love Lucy. Starting with a table read on Monday to a studio audience shoot on Friday, the week-long period will examine a challenging point in Ball and Arnaz’s lives, potentially ending both of their careers and even marriage.

Well, when news broke that Kidman is being considered for the title role, fans took to the internet raging their concerns and even offering their casting suggestions. To be more specific, fans want one actress in particular: Debra Messing. 

The Will & Grace star took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon retweeting dozens of fans supporting messages and even going as far as stating she wants and is available for the role.

Even fellow actress Valerie Bertinelli joined in the action, launching her support for Messing in the role of Lucille Ball. 

Despite being an Academy Award-winning actress, Kidman is already at a disadvantage for this part since Messing already portrayed Lucille Ball in a reboot episode of Will & Grace titled “We Love Lucy” that paid homage to the original sitcom.


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Messing’s blaring similarities in looks to Ball are undeniable, but it’s her comedic gestures and mannerisms that truly make her seem like an incarnation of the late actress. 

There has been no further word on any casting decisions for Being the Ricardos but Mr. Sorkin may want to keep I Love Lucy fans in mind as he moves forward in officially casting the film. Otherwise, he will have “some splainin to do!” 

Source: Variety


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