June 18, 2024

Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine/Deadpool Team Up

With the critical and financial success of the R rated Deadpool, and the upcoming R rated Logan, supposedly the last we’ll see of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine on screen, there has been rumors (more fanboy speculation) of a Deadpool/Wolverine team up on screen. Jackman recently talked to Variety about the possibility:

“I’m hesitating, because I could totally see how that’s the perfect fit. But the timing may be wrong. I’m at the point where I’m finishing up. In terms of a theory, it’s a great idea.”

If any team up makes sense, it’s a Deadpool/Wolverine team up, considering how well the characters would play off each other, not to mention the chemistry and history between Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. And as Deadpool technically takes place within the X-Men Cinematic Universe, there would be no red tape holding up the film. However, Logan seems to be putting the character is a very specific place, far from the quippy Wolverine we’ve seen before. Jackman’s assessment that the timing is off is spot on, and Reynolds appears to agree. He recently Tweeted this:









Had Deadpool come out a few years ago, perhaps sometime around X-Men 3, then maybe this could have worked.

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