June 22, 2024

Hear Sam Smith’s James Bond Song Here

We finally have the next Bond song, Sam Smith’s “Writings on the Wall,” from the upcoming film Spectre. And what do we think of it? Well to be kind, it’s a big bucket of meh. To not be kind, it’s a boring emo ballad that kind of sucks donkey nuts. This is a Bond song? Spectre looks like it’s going to a solid Bond outing, and it would have to be, following the stellar Skyfall. Unfortunately, the theme song does not live up to its predecessor, the Academy Award winning “Skyfall” from Adele. Skyfall was one of the best Bond films in the series, and Adele’s  titular song was one of the best Bond themes to date, so it’s naturally going to be hard to follow up. But this doesn’t even come close. You can listen to both songs here:



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