June 22, 2024

Globes to Change Rules After “Martian” Win

Everyone seemed a bit perplexed that The Martian and its star Matt Damon were nominated in the “Best Comedy or Musical” and “Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical” categories in the year’s Golden Globes, as it was clearly not a comedy (Goodfellas has a few funny lines as well, but it wouldn’t quite qualify as a comedy). Well, they’re respective wins didn’t sit well with some people, in particular Trainwreck director Judd Apatow.  Apatow had Tweeted the following:

judd tweet





He would later call out Damon while presenting at the Critic’s Choice Awards:

“I got Matt Damon staring at me right now. After that whole ‘Golden Globe comedy’ thing. We only have one award Matt, that’s all we get. I’m like a nerd on the schoolyard and you stole my milk money.”

Well, the Hollywood Foreign press, the governing body behind the Golden Globes, have listened, and have made some changes to their rules. New rules state “dramas with comedic overtones should be entered as dramas.” There are eleven pages of consideration rules, which includes another change forbidding  studios from wining and dining voters between the date of the announcement of nominations and the final ceremony. The 2017 Golden Globes will be held on January 8th.


Sources: EW, Guardian


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