June 18, 2024

Even Adam Sandler’s Children Hate His Films

On a recent appearance on Ellen, Adam Sandler admitted that his own children do not like his films. He had this to say:

“They beg to see them. They’re like, ‘Please, it’s not fair! Let me watch your movies. Those people always yell things at you on the street. I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about. So I show them the movies, they demand this. I’d say about 20 minutes in I see them tuning out, and then I hear them — They’re nervous to say it — but like, ‘Can we watch something else?’ It’s OK, I say no! I don’t get offended.”

Despite a run of hits earlier in his career, such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and The Waterboy, more recent films like Netflix’s The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over have been received quite poorly. Sandler recently signed a deal for four more Netflix original films, so somebody must be enjoying them.


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