June 13, 2024

Disney Will Make Star Wars Films Forever and Ever

If you like Star Wars, and you intend on cracking the secret of eternal life, than you’re in luck. According to an article in Wired, Disney plans on making new Star Wars films until the very last fanboy on Earth has stopped giving a crap. The article states that the company “intends to put out a new Star Wars movie every year for as long as people will buy tickets.” And they won’t just be sequels, but rather an “infinite series,” which sounds like Disney intends on making an enormous film universe.

Many fanboys will pitch a lightsaber in their drawers over this news, while others will likely think it’s overkill, and think will tarnish their precious original trilogy. I think we can all agree that if they’re good, we’ll see them. Provided there’s no Jar-Jar, that is.

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