July 25, 2024

Disney Now Owns Fox (and all of these franchises)

The mother of all film studio acquisitions just went through with Walt Disney Studios now owning 20th Century Fox when. With it, Disney now owns a plethora of film franchises, such as X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, AvatarAlien and Predator, Die Hard,  Ice AgeNight at the MuseumThe Chronicles of Narnia and Percy Jackson. We know there are more Avatar films coming out, and Disney would be foolish to not blend the MCU with Fox’s comic franchises at some point, but every other franchise is in question as to their future. 

Disney also now owns every aspect of the Star Wars franchise, as Fox held on to the home-video rights to the original films when Disney purchased Lucasfilm. Newly formed Fox Corporation will retain the rights to entities such as Fox Sports, Fox News and the Fox Network, but Disney gets just about everything else. Here is the list of franchises Disney now owns:


Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Die Hard


Fantastic Four



Planet of the Apes



Independence Day

Fight Club

Home Alone

Night at the Museum

The Maze Runner

Ice Age

Red Sparrow

The Martian


Alvin and the Chipmunks

Doctor Dolittle

Percy Jackson

The Chronicles of Narnia


Sources: MovieWeb, Fox News

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