June 22, 2024

Chris Pratt Returning for “Jurassic” Sequels

Chris Pratt told EW that he will be back for at least a couple of more rounds against the dinos. When he was asked if he was coming back for a sequel, he responded:

“I am. They have me for I think 38 movies or something.”

After the opening weekend it had, why the hell wouldn’t he? Between  the Jurassic World  and the Guardians of the Galaxy  films, he’ll never need to do another film for the rest of his life.

However, recently director Colin Trevorrow stated in an interview with BadTaste.it that he would not be coming back to direct the sequel, stating:

Jurassic Park is like Star Wars. Different directors can give a different taste to each movie. I would be involved in some way, but not as director.

That “some way” would likely be as a producer, because how would anyone in their right mind leave a cash cow like that?

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