June 15, 2024

Adam Sandler Gives Update on ‘Happy Gilmore 2’

After Christopher “Shooter McGavin” McDonald let it slip that a sequel to “Happy Gilmore” was in the works, Adam Sandler gave an update on the project.  On an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Adam Sandler confirmed that they are in the writing stage of the film.

“We’ve been jammin’ and (writing). We have a million ideas already, we just got to make it a movie and make sure we’re excited about people, you know, enjoying it. It’s important. We love Happy Gilmore. We don’t want to let anybody down.”

Sandler also confirmed that Patrick will be featured in the movie, and that the movie will be a Netflix original film. Sandler also addressed the passing of a few of the original film’s costars, including Carl Weathers, Bob Barker and Joe Flaherty.

Directed by Dennis Dugan, the original “Happy Gilmore” movie follows the story of Happy, a failed hockey player who discovers a remarkable talent for golf due to his powerful and unconventional swing. With dreams of saving his grandmother’s house from foreclosure, Happy joins the PGA Tour to win prize money. Along the way, he encounters numerous challenges, including his rivalry with the arrogant golfer Shooter McGavin, played by Christopher McDonald. The film is known for its humor, slapstick comedy, and memorable one-liners, with Sandler’s energetic performance as Happy earning praise from audiences.

One of the defining features of “Happy Gilmore” is its unique blend of sports and comedy, appealing to both golf enthusiasts and general moviegoers. The film’s exaggerated portrayal of the sport, coupled with Sandler’s trademark comedic style, creates a memorable and entertaining experience. Beyond its humor, “Happy Gilmore” also delivers a heartwarming message about perseverance, friendship, and the importance of family. As Happy navigates the challenges of the golf world, he learns valuable lessons about determination and staying true to oneself. With its enduring popularity and cult following, “Happy Gilmore” remains a classic in the realm of sports comedies, continuing to entertain audiences with its humor and charm.


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