June 22, 2024

Willem Defoe as Hal Jordon?

We reported a little while back that Willem Defoe was cast in the Justice League film, but no information was given about who he will play, outside of the fact that he will be playing a good guy. The new rumor is speculating that he’ll be playing an older, experienced Hal Jordon, who would likely eventually be passing the Green Lantern ring over to Kyle Rayner and/or John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps film.

Last year Tyrese Gibson confirmed that he met with Warner Bros. about possibly playing Stewart, but there has been no casting news about any of the GL roles. Whether or not it’s a good idea to cast Defoe as an older,  grizzled Hal Jordon may be debated, but it certainly would not be a surprise, given the direction the studio is going with the DCU. But the biggest question is whether or not we’ll see Guy Gardner pop up, and if so, if he’ll have that wicked sleeveless jacket.

Justice League: Part One opens November 17, 2017, with Part Two scheduled for a June 14, 2019 release. Green Lantern Corps will follow on June 19, 2020.







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