June 18, 2024

What We Know About Carrie Fisher’s Role in “Episode VIII”

When it was announced that Carrie Fisher had passed away, it was unclear what amount of her role in Star Wars: Episode VIII had been filmed, and what the future holds for Leia in Episode IX.  Episode VIII wrapped principal photography this past July, but according to Variety, the actress had completed her role before her death, meaning she had no more reshoots or voice work left unfinished.

We will likely receive no information regarding the future of General Leia Organa, as it would spoil her role in Episode VIII. It’s very possible Leia will not survive the events of the next film, in which case, any speculation about Episode IX will be moot. It would also add an incredibly somber tone to the film. If she does survive, Lucasfilms has some time to write her out of the franchise, as Episode XI doesn’t come out until May 23, 2019.

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