June 22, 2024

“Trainspotting 2” Starts Filming

Danny Boyle’s long awaited sequel to the cult hit Trainspotting has begun filming in Edinburgh. Video of Ewan Bremner (Spud) was seen filming on the streets of the Scottish capital. Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen McGregor and Robert Carlyle will be returning as well.

Director Boyle recently commented on production on his Facebook page:

“We’re up in Scotland filming Trainspotting 2 just now. I think what I love most about what I do is the variety, and being able to do something new every day. I get to meet such amazing people all the time. I think everyone’s fear is doing something a robot can do, and getting stuck doing something repetitive. I feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to make films, and to be able to always have a choice in what I do. Coming back to Edinburgh has actually been really fascinating, since filming the first Trainspotting Edinburgh has changed dramatically. You can see the gentrification massively in the city.”

Based on Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh’s sequel”Porno,” the plot has Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud finding  a “very innovative” way of getting into the world of pornography. The plot won’t follow the book’s exactly, due to the age differences between the characters and the actors, all of whom are now twenty years older than they were in Trainspotting. The author recently commented on that:

“We’ve had to evolve past that, because the actors would have been ten years older when Porno came out, and now they’re 20 years older. It has to take into account that reality.”

You can watch the original Trainspotting in its entirety here. 

Source: Den of geek


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