June 15, 2024

Tim Curry Makes Rare Public Appearance After Suffering Stroke

Tim Curry made a rare public appearance at a Tony Awards party this past weekend to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Actors Fund. Curry suffered a stroke a few years ago, which has affected his motor skills, including his speech. Curry spoke with Los Angeles Magazine, and he said he is “doing good,” and was “looking forward to receiving the honor.”

tim curry

In all likelihood, we will never see Mr. Curry perform again, and while it’s tragic to see anyone have to endure health issues such as these, it’s particularly sad to think that we won’t have the opportunity to see another brilliant Tim Curry performance.  Not every film he’s been in has been a gem, but he’s always entertaining to watch. And if Oscar nominations were given out more frequently for comedy, his role in Clue most definitely would have gotten him a nod.



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