June 18, 2024

The New Bond Movie Has To Make How Much?

It’s not breaking news that the new Bond film has had its struggles on its way to the silver screen, especially when it came to budgetary concerns. And with the film set to release in just a few days, we’ll get a chance to see how effectively it all plays out, and if all the headaches and expense was worth it. On the upside the last Bond film made a ridiculous amount of money and received solid critical acclaim. In more good news, analysts say that Spectre only has to bring in half the worldwide box office as its predecessor, Skyfall. The bad news however, is that Skyfall grossed over 1.1 billion dollars worldwide. So that means that Spectre has to gross $650,000,000, just to break even. That is a HUGE amount of money, just to break even.

Here’s a little insight into the budgetary breakdown, which is probably equivalent to some third world country’s gross domestic product:

Spectre cost $250,000,000 to make, with an additional $100,000,000 in marketing expenses. Then factor in that the box office profits are split with the exhibitors where the movie is played. In the end you wind up with something close to $650,000,000. Just to break even. That’s a tall order, or like five lattes at Starbucks.

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