June 22, 2024

The Academy are Racists

After getting grief for the lack of minority nominations in last year’s Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Picture Arts and Sciences has gone and done it again. Some might say that the Academy’s lack of diversity in the nominations is blatant racism. Others might say that it simply stems from a weak pool of potential minority nominees. While the Fisher-Price See ‘n Say might say that the cow says “moo.” Whatever their reasoning, there are a handful of non white actors, director, writers etc. that could have potentially been nominated.  Notable snubs include actor Iris Elba and director Cary Fukunaga for Beasts of No Nation, Michel B. Jordan for Fantastic Four Creed, Will Smith for Concussion, and any of the ensemble cast of Straight Outta Compton. Even if the Academy thought that any of the potential minority nominees weren’t quite up to form, you’d think they’d throw another few in, if anything just to save face (I mean, there at least had to have been a song by a minority better than Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall from Spectre. That song is an emo snoozefest).

There are many celebrities, including Jada Pinkett-Smith, who are calling for a boycott of the broadcast. Given that there are few minority nominations, those that care most about the snubs would likely not be watching anyway. Expect Oscar host Chris Rock, who has spoken out about the subject in the past, to make it a target during his monologue on February 28th.

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2 thoughts on “The Academy are Racists

  1. I do not think this is a race issue – name the real snubs, shoo-ins that were overlooked and I will consider there to be a problem. Most the nominees were expected to be nominated. Stand out performances are the ones that should be honored. Are there any on the list that should not be there?

    You really aren’t seriously saying The Academy should throw some nominations to minorities just to make themselves look better, are you? Honor the best… no matter what color, sex, age or religion.

    Also, if Jada Pinkett-Smith is boycotting anything, not only am I watching, I am hiring 3 people to watch it with me.

  2. While the Academy should not have nominated more minorities just for the sake of diversity, one would still think something would have been done to prevent a PR nightmare again.

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