July 21, 2024

Sony Developing R Rated Venom Film

According to a report from Collider, Sony will be developing an R rated film based on the infamous Spider-man villain Venom, and will begin their own Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are many that will assume that Sony’s decision to move a head with a more mature Marvel film is a reaction the success that Fox had with both Logan and Deadpool, but that not necessarily be the case. Our own Phil Bowman theorizes that perhaps this was Sony’s end game the whole time. His thought has been that if Marvel ever linked up with Fox’s  X-Men franchise, they’d do so by farming out their R rated properties to Fox, and that Deadpool was a test market for the idea. How interesting would it be if part of the deal for Spider-Man was cornering the R-rated superhero market, while allowing Disney to maintain their kid friendly image?

 Whatever the reasoning behind the decision, one thing will be certain. Any Venom movie, R rated or not, will be better than Spider-Man 3.


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