June 22, 2024

So Terminator: Genisys Was a Big Flop? Not so Fast!

The release of Terminator: Genisys back in July was met with mostly negative reviews and after 8 weeks in the box office in the U.S. it only managed to make back a little over half of its budget in domestic sales.  Most people were declaring it a flop and it has brought into question Schwarzenegger’s star power.  So yeah in the U.S. it was not successful, but what about globally?  Well mediocre overall sales generally speaking, at least until the Chinese blackout date was lifted (China puts a hold on major foreign film releases to give their domestic releases a better chance at making money).  The film was released in China a little over a week ago and after just 8 days in theaters the film has grossed nearly as much as it did in its entire U.S. run, $82 million in a week.  It will easily break the $100 million mark in a few days and may find it has some legs there.  So as much as it failed here, with a big boost from China, it may find its way to making well over $400 million worldwide (and that’s before DVD rentals and sales).  So I guess it wasn’t that huge of a flop overall with an estimated budget of $150 million.  That’s good news for those of you that liked the film.  Another convoluted sequel may not be out of the question.

Check out our attempted “review” of Terminator: Genisys here:


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