June 22, 2024

“Shining” Sequel to Get Big Screen Adaption

The 2013 sequel to the Stephen King classic horror novel The Shining will be getting adapted into a feature film. Doctor Sleep (maybe King’s worst titled book) tells the story of a now grown Danny Torrance, who is using his “gift” to give comfort to the dying at a nursing home. The book explores the fact that Danny has never healed from his experience at the Overlook Hotel, and, like his father, is suffering from alcoholism.

The film will be adapted by Akiva Goldsman, who is no stranger to adapting literature into screenplays. He recently adapted King’s epic The Dark Tower, as well as A Beautiful Mind, The DaVinci Code, and The Divergent Series: Insurgent.

As Danny Lloyd, the child actor who portrayed young Danny in the original 1980 Kubrick film, is not  acting any longer (only appeared in one other film), and Courtland Mead, who played the role in the 1997 TV miniseries, isn’t a terribly good actor (maybe he’s OK now, but he was atrocious in the miniseries), we’ll likely see a bankable actor in the role.

Source: Inquistir

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