June 15, 2024

PEZ Movie Confirmed Because Hollywood Sucks

Think of something that you never thought they would ever make a movie out of. Go ahead. We’ll give you a second. Did your grandmother’s bunions make this list? What about an Engelbert Humperdinck biopic?  Didn’t think of PEZ did you? You know why? Because that idea is so lame that you couldn’t even think to put it on on a list of lame ideas. But here it is.

Envision Media Arts has confirmed that they’ve made an agreement with PEZ Candy, Inc. to produce a new film based on the candy dispensers. What could this film possibly be about? The only way this movie could be good is if it’s about cherished copyrighted characters getting their throats slit (which is really what PEZ dispensers are anyway). But hey, they made the LEGO Movie work, so who knows.

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