June 13, 2024

New Spidey to Be More Comedy Focused

In an interview with NPR to promote the new Vacation film, writers/directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein confirmed they will be writing the new Spider-Man reboot, and that it will be leaning more on the comedy side. Daley had this to say about it:

“He’s a sharp kid and witty and kind of deals with the fact that he’s an outcast and a geek through humor. It is sort of the safety net for geeks like us, so I think we can totally relate to where he’s coming from. As well as the superpowers, which we also have.”

It only makes sense that Marvel would go in this direction. The Avengers films have been peppered with humor and Guardians of the Galaxy was essentially a comedy/action hybrid. Not to mention, Spidey has always been a bit of a smart-ass and while we’ve seen bits of it in the previous five films, not as much as the comics. We’ll find out if Tom Holland has the chops to pull it off in 2017.

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