June 18, 2024

Never Before Seen “Back to the Future” Sequel Notes

Hitfix has posted a couple of hand written notes of Back to the Future writer/producer Bob Gale when he was developing the sequels. It’s been widely known that despite the cliff hanger ending, Gale and director Robert Zemickis had no intentions of writing a sequel. But the notes are dated April 1, 1986, which means they changed their minds within a year of the original coming out.
There are some real fun ideas in here that didn’t get used, but you can see a few nuggets that did eventually morph into the screenplays for parts 2 & 3. It should be noted that these concepts, including the old west ideas, would have been for the script that would eventually be called Paradox, which was originally both Part 2 and Part 3, before it was decided to split them into to two separate films.

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