June 15, 2024

Michael Keaton Being Considered for Villain Role in Spidy Reboot

It’s being reported that Michael  Keaton is in early talks to play a villain in the Marvel and Sony co-produced Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will star Tom Holland as Spidey. This would be Keaton’s third trip down the superhero aisle, having portrayed Batman in both Batman and Batman Returns, as well as the titular Birdman (though Birdman wasn’t exactly a superhero film).  In addition to that, it  was reported last year that Keaton was developing an adaption of the  Boom! Comics book Imagine Agents. 

OK, Mr. Keaton, we’re talking right to you here. We are very happy see you have this resurgence in your career. You were brilliant in both Birdman and Spotlight, and we’re looking forward to seeing you portray McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc in the upcoming biopic The Founder. But please don’t tarnish this chapter in your career by resorting to taking a paycheck for a thankless super villain role in what will be a reboot of a franchise that is already five movies deep. But by all means, feel free to jump back into the Beetlejuice suit. Now that we can get behind.


Source: Variety

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