June 14, 2024

Lost Emotional “Mrs. Doubtfire” Scenes Surface

Robin Williams proved over the years that he was not only a comedic genius, but also an incredible dramatic actor, earning him an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting. There were a few roles, however, that showcased both. Mrs. Doubtfire ranks among Williams’ best and most beloved work, due to not only his brilliant comedic performance as the foe English nanny, but also the real and emotional portrayal of a dad who is struggling with divorce, and how it affects his relationship with his children.

YouTuber Matthew Keys  recently posted these lost alternate and deleted scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire, all of which showcase Williams’  dramatic ability. Each scene is used to further demonstrate the strain the divorce has on the family, and while they are all great, it can be assumed they were deleted or changed to lighten the tone of the film a bit. It’s great to be able to see them, however. Any footage of Williams at his best is welcome.


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